Individually crafted soft furnishings

Ute Hendry hand crafted soft furnishings made to customer specification in Cornwall.

Please enquire further about my curtains and soft furnishings services with me Ute.

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Ute has been working with textiles for well over 30 years.

Finding the right fabric

Ultimately it takes many years of experience to know a good fabric from a bad one. I can offer you my experience in choosing the right cloth for the job. Please contact me for a consultation in Cornwall.


I offer two different qualities of curtains.

Hand Lined

Lining hand locked on seams, hand hemmed with weighted mitred corners and slip-stitched sides. This produces a flexible curtain, in that the face fabric and the lining are not held rigidly as in a machine-lined curtain.

Suitable for all types of heading.


Here the interlining is locked to the face fabric and the lining is the locked to the interlining to bond the three layers together while still allowing movement.

Interlining produces a much softer look to your curtains, round plump folds, no creases.

It is also a wonderful insulation and together with the lining, protects the face fabric from light damage. All headings are offered.

I do encourage customers to choose interlined curtains because they are so much better and there are many situations when interlining is neither wanted or needed. The choice is yours.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds provide a very smart solution to dressing windows. They suit almost all window styles whether period or contemporary.

They use a minimum of fabric (often the expensive part) and although they are time-consuming to make, the result is cost-effective.

The blinds are supplied complete with batten, cord, Velcro heading, dowels cleat and acorn. The blind has no machine lines on the face side of the fabric, this makes a softer looking blind. Rings are hand sewn in place.

For a plumper more luxurious look I recommend an interlined blind.


I'm able to create customised pelmet boards of any shape or size.

Pelmets are a great way to hide poles.